A Foolproof Formula for Becoming a Team Player

A Foolproof Formula for Becoming a Team Player

Unless you want to work in a lighthouse, being a team player will probably be part of
your job description. It’s a question that comes up at most interviews, and it’s
essential for job satisfaction and career advancement.

It’s also something that you usually have to learn on the job. Over time, you’ll find an
approach that matches your personality and workplace.

Still, there are some ingredients that go into any successful formula for being a
team player. Focus on mastering these basics that you can adapt for any stage of
your career.


Successful teams depend on individual members who understand their roles and
responsibilities. Aim to meet and exceed expectations.
Use these techniques to help your team excel:

  1. Follow through. Establish a reputation for reliability. Deliver what you promise.
    Meet deadlines or let others know promptly if you expect any unavoidable
    delays. Keep striving to increase the quality of your work.
  2. Leverage your strengths. Top performers know what they like to do and what they do well. Structure your tasks so that you take advantage of your individual