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OOPS! I MEANT TO SAY: How to Minimize Emotion While Being Intentional With Your Words


This one-hour course for parents, Mental Health Facilitators, and Collaborative Divorce Professionals will bring knowledge and understanding around how our words can be emotionally charged, how they affect the way we interpret information, and even how we feel. You will learn to be more intentional with your words and have a powerful understanding of minimizing conflicts with your peers, clients, and people you come into contact with daily.

It’s time to stop regretting what comes out of your mouth and have the knowledge behind choosing your words more wisely.

* This course is not available for continued education credits at this time.


Collaborative Real Estate Advisor Certification


The purpose of this course is to welcome and educate you as the Real Estate Advisor so that you can now be part of the collaborative team and process. As a part of this team, the Real Estate Advisor will learn how to fine-tune and enhance collaborative skills to work in a multidisciplinary setting with couples transitioning through divorce. Historically, only Mental Health, Financial and Legal professionals have been trained collaboratively. However, this innovative training is designed to enrich the Real Estate Advisors with all the necessary fundamental collaborative tools to equip them to be team members.



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